031: I Don’t Wampa Miss A Thing

Hey! Listen! 031:

I Don’t Wampa Miss A Thing

The One Mic Saga comes to a close. To celebrate, we reminisce about PAX East, talk about ginger ale, then get down to games: CodeRunner, WAY, Mari0, Ace of Spades, Journey’s majesty & secrets, RE:ORC is put to bed, then we open discussion on Kinect Star Wars’ shoddiness, KoA: Reckoning’s combat, Kid Icarus: Uprising’s humor, & Street Fighter x Tekken’s underwhelming exclusives. We jump on a tangent about Polygon/Vox Games’ The Besties & fishsticks at some point but eventually make our way to news via some choice of Star Wars song title puns. Bungie lets go of Halo stats, Meat Boy is bounding to iOS in an all-new experience, Orcs Must Die 2, Penny Arcade’s third game finally seeing the light of day, Sworcery coming to PC this month, how late is too late for story-driven DLC (Batman Arkham City), Rock Band Blitz, Notch’s 0x10c, EA being voted the Consumerist’s Worst Company in America, Double Dragon Neon, free Mass Effect 3’s extended ending & DLC, & finally, have retro game Kickstarters become passe (Shadowrun, Leisure Suite Larry, etc.)?


Tunes for the Week of 4/6/12


  • Malcolm Kirby Jr. – “Saints Row: The Third” (From Saints Row: The Third)

  • Parody of Jason Derulo – “I’m Han Solo (Ridin’ Solo)” (From Kinect Star Wars)

  • Parody of LaRoux – “Blasterproof (Bulletproof)” (From Kinect Star Wars)

  • Parody of Jamiroquai – “Kashyyyk (Canned Heat)” (From Kinect Star Wars)

  • Unknown (Capcom) – “Operation Raccoon City Theme” (From RE: Operation Raccoon City)


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