022: I’m Not A Child Anymore

Hey! Listen! 022:

I’m Not A Child Anymore

Wii start off with Nintendo shenanigans, and then move onto our seemingly weekly, in-depth SWTOR talk. Catherine lures us into discussing the game’s mechanics. Amalur: Reckoning, Syndicate, Twisted Metal, RE Revelaitons, & Darkness II demos explored. Then we engage what it is about the Fighting game revival & closed systems that begets passion/high-level play. Finally, we discuss the unfortunate circumstances surrounding ME3 (Jessica Chobot), THQ, EA, & Sony, as well as the harbinger of doom that is Everquest going free-to-play.
Hey, Listeners!: Do you think journalists donating $ to Double Fine’s Adventure compromises their ethics? 
Send your answers to HeyListeners[at]gmail[dot]com & we’ll read them LIVE!

Tunes for the Week of 02/03/12

  • Smash Orchestra – “Pokemon Stadium” (From Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

  • Shoji Meguro – “Also Sprach Brooks” (From Catherine)

  • Shoji Meguro – “Stage” (From Catherine)

  • Skrillex – “Syndicate (ver 2)” (From the Syndicate trailer)

  • Royksopp – “Poor Leno” (From SSX 3)

  • Joel McNeely – “Beggar’s Canyon Chase” (From Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire)


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