032: Got My Chirps Down Low

Hey! Listen! 032:

Got My Chirps Down Low

All systems go in this jam-packed episode! Nick transforms into an Xbox equipped with Halos, L4D2, & UMvC. He also has a religious experience in Journey. Ben dives deep into the combat of Reckoning & Skullgirls. Brian starts Demon’s Souls then chats about ME3 MP with Jayson who also talks WAY (a PC/Mac indie Brian mentioned last week), Journey replays, I Am Alive’s interesting goals, & we open up talks on FEZ. Then we cram a bunch of news into 20 minutes including the Mass Effect 3 patch that fixes import issues, a possible Unreal Tournament revival, Borderlands face-puking, the Infinity Ward vs West/Zampella case,  Captivate news (RE6, Lost Planet 3), Namco Bandai presser news (Dark Souls PC, Demon’s Souls server shutdown, DBZ for Kinect, Ni No Kuni), Crysis 3 leaks, Bullet time, Valve’s Omnitool, & more!

Tunes for the Week of 4/13/12

  • Disasterpiece – “Adventure” (From FEZ)

  • Austin Wintory – “The Road of Trials” (From Journey)

  • Austin Wintory –“Nadir” (From Journey)

  • Austin Wintory – “Temptations” (From Journey)

  • Disasterpiece – “Forgotten” (From FEZ)


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