Hey! Listen! 006

Hey! Listen! 006

We’re on a Dark Souls bender and it’s not pretty, but it’s who we’ve become. We talk about mechanics, gameplay, the world, and our new mistress Death. We also dish on a preview build of Serious Sam 3 and final thoughts on The Gunstringer. News for the week includes ME3 multiplayer, RAGE’s shortcomings, Microsoft’s next console and acquisitions, Sony’s PSN woes and Vita plans, as well as Online Passes. We also have an important PSA about Gamers Opt Out, a program to combat SONY and EA’s recent EULA treachery. Finally, we make room for our first Electronic Mail correspondence!


Tunes for the week of 10/14/11

  • Motoi Sakuraba – “Firelink Shrine” (From Dark Souls)

  • Motoi Sakuraba – “Great Grey Wolf Sif” (From Dark Souls)

  • Ian Livingstone – “Smooth Operetta” (From Boom Boom Rocket)

  • Z.R.E.O. Team – “Kakariko Village Orchestra Version”

        (From The Legend of Zelda Reorchestrated)

  • Jami Seiber – “Maenam” (From Braid)

  • The Outfield – “Your Love” (From Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)


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