029: Cracker Jacker Bee Beams

Hey! Listen! 029:

Cracker Jacker Bee Beams

The One Mic Saga begins! We apologize that we’re hard to hear at times, but we are all sharing one mic. Mostly, Jayson just hogs the mic. Bear with us while our mechanical problems are resolved. We discuss 2012’s Resident Evil: Revelations & Operation Raccoon City’s failings as well as their good ideas, Anachronox on GOG.com, iOS hits & misses (Hunger Games, Traffic Wonders, Where’s My Water, etc.), Mass Effect 3 (light spoilers), its weekend MP Operations & its ending controversy (SHOTS FIRED). In news we discuss EA’s shutting down online servers, XBLA ignoring its releases, 5th Cell’s Hybrid, games as art vs entertainment, Zynga buying OMGPOP, United Front’s ModNation..err…LittleBIG Karting, & more!

Tunes for the Week of 3/23/12

  • Austin Wintory – “Apotheosis” (From Journey)

  • Jim Guthrie – “And We Got Older” (From Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP)

  • James “D Train” Williams & Babi Floyd – “Pokerap” (From Pokemon)

  • Motoi Sakuraba – “Bell Gargoyle” (From Dark Souls)

  • Jami Sieber – “Long Past Gone” (From Braid)


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