Hey! Listen! 003

Hey! Listen! 003

This week Ben and Brian abandon the show for higher callings: Video games and beer, respectively. Jayson and Nick hold down the fort with some shop talk about BlOps, Demon’s Souls, Minecraft, Bastion, Dead Island, & Gears of War 3. In the latter half of the show we discuss a whole mess of news including Deus Ex boss battle outsourcing, Foldit users dominating some scientists, Diablo III’s beta/minor delay, DotA 2’s earlier release, digital entertainment and DCU Online going free-to-play.


Tunes for the week of 09/23/11

  • Michael McCann – “Icarus – Main Theme” (From Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

  • Jonathan Coulton – “Re: Your Brains” (From Left 4 Dead 2)

  • Claudia Brucken (Ft. The Real Tuesday Weld) – “(I Always Kill) The Things I Love”

        (From L.A. Noire)

  • C418 – “Minecraft” (From Minecraft)


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