041: Street Passing Obama

Hey! Listen! 041:

Street Passing Obama

Ben & Jayson describe the drizzly atmosphere while Barack Obama addresses a mass of Iowans within earshot of the studio, then reminisce about the last week of their lives including PC talk, frothing at the ear for Borderlands 2 & research methods. When talk turns to games we’ve been playing, we become concerned with the Resident Evil 6 demo, explore Wandering Hero tactics, gush about Mark of the Ninja’s demo & an abridged oral history of stealth games/gameplay. Ben tells us about a hot new shooter called Counter Strike, which turns to a discussion of great map design ala Valve & Halo.
While we talk about PS Vita & Persona, we wait for Borderlands 2. While we talk about Arkham City’s Calendar Man achievement, we wait for Borderlands 2. While Jayson plays SSX & ponders why Max Payne 3 isn’t fun to play, we wait for Borderlands 2. While Jason Killingsworth dominates Super Hexagon, we wait for Borderlands 2. Oh, Super Hexagon is way rad! After that we dig into NEWS: MGS: Ground Zeroes, Steam Greenlight/Big Picture/To The Moon/hardware, Phinal Phantasy, Mechromancer, Grifball features in Halo 4, & more!

Tunes for the Week of 9/7/12

  • Health – “Max: Theme” (From Max Payne 3)

  • Joel Nielsen – “Forget About Freeman” (From Black Mesa Source)

  • Shoji Meguro – “I’ll Face Myself” (From Persona 4)

  • Yoko Shimomura – “Aqua” (From Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)

  • Yoko Shimomura – “Dearly Beloved” (From Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)


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