044: You’re Safe Here

Hey! Listen! 044:

You’re Safe Here

HiB 6 extras, Dota 2 beta protocol Rikimaru, fiscal responsibility, & the Dota consumption, XCOM demo talk: VATS-ification of combat, David Duchovny’s Evolution, & little green men, FTL experiences & gushing, Guild Wars 2’s versatility & delivering on their promise of more than an MMO, after a brief re-cap with Brian we come to the conclusion that we’re excited about video games, we role-play Mass Effect in FTL, running 5Ks, Whole Foods’ pretzel bread, & Borderlands 2! In the final quarter of the show we introduce Riley Hopkins, our intern for the next few weeks. We discuss our favorite Robins, the Day Z standalone, Borderlands 2 DLC, The Walking Dead’s December disc & October episode, our disgust with the Wii U’s region policy, Mark of the Ninja coming to Steam, the Mass Effect Trilogy release/value, McPixel becoming the first Greenlight game, NBA Live 13 being canceled, Notch’s stance on Windows 8, subterranean puns, Bioshock goofs, & more!

Tunes for the Week of 9/28/12

  • Matt Uelmen – “Torchlight II Theme” (From Torchlight II)

  • Ben Prunty – “MilkyWay (Battle)” (From FTL)

  • Jean Chan – “Gorudo Kingdom” (From WIZORB)

  • Lifeformed – “Baryogenesis” (From Dustforce)

  • Matt Uelmen – “Snow Falling on Bleeders” (From Torchlight II)


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