046: An Udder Blast

Hey! Listen! 046:

An Udder Blast

This week we discuss Dishonored’s greatness from a slow start, Brian’s Halo tat, Prometheus (spoiler-free), the H!L! crew’s FTL harrowing victory, Borderlands 2 closing thoughts, Mechromancer opening thoughts, ME3 Retaliation DLC, Volus Biotic Gods, Halo 3 as underrated, Bad Piggies mechanics, The Great Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi debate, feeling good about games, Mickey’s many distant & near Illusions, & more!
This week’s news includes a WoW hacker turning South Park into reality, Kevin Butler cheating on Sony, Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Hosts, PETA’s Pokemon “clone”, PAX East, Windows 8’s shift away from MSP, Borderlands 2 DLC, a novel game jam for devs who hate certain genres, David Fincher & Halo 4, Toe-Jam & Earl, Kickstarter, Sony’s foreshadowing of next gen, a new Darkstalkers, Rockstar Collection, & more!

Tunes for the Week of 10/12/12

  • The Heavy – “How You Like Me Now” (From Borderlands 2)

  • Jesper Kyd – “Caverns” (From Borderlands 2)

  • Raison Varner – “Bandit Slaughter” (From Borderlands 2)

  • Cris Velasco & Sascha Dikiciyan – “Hyperion” (From Borderlands 2)

  • Jesper Kyd – “Glacial” (From Borderlands 2)


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