Hey! Listen! 007

Hey! Listen! 007

Jayson is weaning himself off Dark Souls with Batman: Arkham City, but Nick and Brian still have a bad case of the Dark Souls. Also, Brian discusses whether Serious Sam 3 is too serious or not. Then we bring the news down swiftly including Vita and SSX release dates, more games coming out November 15th as well as a few games announced for 2012. We also talk about Final Fantasy XIV, Diablo III, WoW’s new expansion, Mojang vs. Bethesda, rumors for the next generation of consoles, and more.


Tunes for the week of 10/21/11

  • Nick Arundel – “Arkham City Theme” (From Batman: Arkham Asylum)

  • The Silent Comedy – “Bartholomew” (From the Dark Souls trailer)

  • Crosses – “The Years” (From the Batman: Arkham City Deluxe Soundtrack)

  • Danny Wiessner – “The World Is Saved” (The World Is Saved – Single)

  • Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory – “PotatOS Lament” (From Portal 2)

  • dB soundworks – “McLarty Party People (Ch 7 Levels)” (From Super Meat Boy)


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