034: Like 10-Year-Old Crack

Hey! Listen! 034:

Like 10-Year-Old Crack

We open with PC shop talk, GPUs, our fav. PC titles of yore, & confessions of Steam sale addicts. We talk about ME3 MP, Diablo III’s beta, FEZ, Ninja Gaiden III, Super Metroid, Mirror’s Edge, Trials Evo, & Demon’s Souls all set to Botanicula’s soundtrack. In news we talk about Pixel Junk 4AM/Vision, Animal Crossing 3DS, New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS, Kirby 20th Anniversary Edition Wii, Batman Arkham City’s quote-filled GotY cover, Robert Bowling’s odd new studio & its odd goal, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2’s death, bad jokes, Camoflaj’s Republique, Nintendo’s new online strategy, & PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. NEWS OVER!

 Tunes for the Week of 4/27/12

  • DVA – “cinem” (From Botanicula)

  • DVA – “level 3” (From Botanicula)

  • DVA – “juchu” (From Botanicula)

  • DVA – “bunky” (From Botanicula)

  • DVA – “nocni jazz” (From Botanicula)


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