030: The Great Taco Bell Blood Pact Of 2012

Hey! Listen! 030:

The Great Taco Bell Blood Pact Of 2012

The One Mic Saga continues! Sorry, it gets darkest before the dawn. And boy does it demoralizingly, desperately dark.  Scribblenauts Remix’s reach exceeding its game, angry at Angry Birds Space, Operation Raccoon City x 50 Cent (Brains on the Wall), 3AM Sega Saturn epiphanies, Jayson’s baby kitten, Anime, Taco Bell woes, &, of course, ME3. In news we discuss layoffs, closures, & cancellations (THQ, Zipper, Prey 2, respectively), Robert Bowling leaves IW/ATVI, Minecraft’s $$$, BioWare’s sweet victory, SimCity’s always online flub, new release dates, Journey’s success & a roundtable discussion of gaming superlatives. The most “dick-ish” thing you’ve done in a game, the worst game you’ve ever played, you’re favorite mini-game/side activity in a game, & your best/worst game-related purchase. Thanks for sticking with us!
It gets better next episode!

Tunes for the Week of 3/30/12


  • Hirokazu Tanaka – “Overworld” (From Kid Icarus)

  • Cris Gale – “I Was Born For This (Ocarina cover)” (From Journey Bonus Bundle)

  • Lucas Bakker Del Castillo – “Viaje” (From Journey Bonus Bundle)

  • Jie Ma – “Reflections” (From Journey Bonus Bundle)

  • Tina Guo – “Journey/Tina Alloy” (From Journey Bonus Bundle)


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