043: An Alley-Oop W/ Gunz

Hey! Listen! 043:

An Alley-Oop W/ Gunz

At long last, what we’ve all been waiting for: Kingdom Hearts HD has been announced. Except it’s only KH1, Re: CoM, & the cutscenes from 358/2 Days, but hey we’ll take it! In this episode, we discuss Square’s “fan service”, FTL, how awesome space is, narrative openness/the benchmark narrative-focused games must strive for, Dota 2, how to fix a community, iteration vs inception, MOBA as play, Borderlands 2, its pacing issues, Gearbox’s humor, & co-op fun. For news we turn to Dark Souls DLC, Inafune, PSVita, RE6, Dust 514’s place in this generation, Mizuguchi’s departure from games, Nights HD, the Doctors leaving BioWare for other endeavors, & more!

Tunes for the Week of 9/21/12

  • Ben Prunty – “Space Cruise (Title)” (From FTL: Faster Than Life)

  • Jake Kaufman – “Space Dojo 1” (From Double Dragon Neon)

  • The Heavy – “Short Change Hero” (From Borderlands 2)

  • Lifeformed – “Cider Time” (From Dustforce)


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