Hey! Listen! 008

Hey! Listen! 008

In our spookiest episode, Nick is on the cusp of conquering Black Ops’ Mt. Prestige with a well-placed Double-XP weekend and is already discussing MW3. Brian is on a break from Dark Souls with a prescription of Arkham City from Dr. Jayson who himself finally O.D.’d on his own medication. Thankfully Battlefield 3 is here to distract! (That got real weird there for a moment) We bring the news. All of it. GTA V’s pre-announcement, a Pach-Attack about BF3 vs. MW3, EA’s failings with Battlefield’s launch, Nintendo(wn & out?), Origin’s outreach to other publishers, Skyrim PC specs, China’s own game console, & more! Releases ramp up as the crew anticipates the flavor of the week: Uncharted 3.


Tunes for the week of 10/28/11

  • The Raveonettes – “Oh, Stranger” (From Batman: Arkham City)

  • Misterio – “Stinkin’ Zombies” (From Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare)

  • Garry Schyman – “The Docks [Neptune’s Bounty]” (From Bioshock)

  • Garry Schyman – Dr. Steinman [Medical Pavilion]” (From Bioshock)

  • Kreeps – “Bad Voodoo” (From Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare)

  • Mikko Tarmia – “Ambience: Darkness” (From Amnesia: Dark Descent)

  • Akira Yamaoka – “Clockwork Little Happiness” (From Silent Hill 3)


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