042: Gramma Bowls

Hey! Listen! 042:

Gramma Bowls

Jayson goofed, so we only have half a show for you. But boy, is it packed! Persona 3 leads to cultivating significant relationships, then we discuss our anticpation/reservations about the WiiU, Bayonetta 2, Game Pads, iPhone 5, & more! Curious about what you missed out on? Double Dragon Neon & improvements needed to bring about a modern renaissance; Lollipop Chainsaw & sexualization vs. Juliette as a human; Assassin’s Creed Revelations & its place in the AC saga; Super Hexagon & its faults/pure mechanical bliss; and McPixel & iOS pricing/value. Some good stuff there.
I apologize.

Tunes for the Week of 9/14/12

  • Jesper Kyd & Lorne Balfe – “Istanbul” (From Assassin’s Creed Revelations)

  • COPILOT – “The Drunken Whaler” (From Dishonored)

  • YAMANTAKA / SONIC TITAN – “Mark & Blade [Reprise]” (From Mark of the Ninja)


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