040: It’s Not As Bad As Turtles

Hey! Listen! 040:

It’s Not As Bad As Turtles

Ben & Jayson kick (& punch) things off with Asura’s Wrath, take some time to discuss price point growing pains in a digital age, dive deep into Kingdom Hearts BBS & DDD, then we get Ben’s side of the Darksiders co-op. After Brian joins us Jayson vaguely describes Gravity Bone’s economy of play & makes a weak stand for Slender as game of the year. After some quick news, the guys dish on Brian’s new 3DS, their latest street-passes, & hats!

Tunes for the Week of 8/31/12

  • Shoji Meguro – “Heaven” (From Persona 4)

  • Shoji Meguro – “Maximum Capacity” (From Persona 4)

  • Shoji Meguro – “Reach Out to the Truth” (From Persona 4)

  • Mike Reagan & Chris Velasco – “Darksiders Theme” (From Darksiders)

  • Jesper Kyd – “Corruption” (From Darksiders II)


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