025: In A Way, We’re All Sebulba

Hey! Listen! 025:

In A Way, We’re All Sebulba

We discuss many games including the first ones we ever beat. Mass Effect 3 MP, SoulCalibur V, Eternal Sonata, Dear Esther, SSX demo. Then we talk in whispers about decrepit malls & abandoned architecture, as well as our most embarrassing gaming moments. We also discuss moments we missed in games that would’ve made those game much easier. News includes: 3DS perception vs. reality, Alan Wake’s PC success, Double Fine Adventure, Twisted Metal’s online missteps and corrections, Killzone 3’s multiplayer experiment, & the shit-hot ME3 & Borderlands 2 trailers.

Tunes for the Week of 2/24/12

  • Grand Theft Auto III – “O Mio Babbino Caro – GTAIII 10th Anniversary Remix” (From GTA III)

  • Jessica Curry – “Esther” (From Dear Esther)

  • The Naked and Famous – “Young Blood” (From SSX)

  • Craig Gray – “Fade Away” (From GTA III)

  • Nero – “Doomsday” (From the Borderlands 2 trailer)


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