047: Half A Loaf Of End Pieces

Hey! Listen! 047:

Half A Loaf Of End Pieces

This week’s show is abridged! In our Casey Lynch interview pre-show we discuss Mass Effect 3 multiplayer’s evolution into what we always wanted, Unfinished Swan (or not), Ben’s Resident Evil 6 marathon, Dishonored’s growth, Borderlands 2’s Booty, before moving onto news. This week’s news includes Irrational team members leaving before Bioshock Infinite ships, B.I. Collector’s Editions, Halo 4 leaking to the public, MSFT’s response, Lightbox layoffs, Indie Royale’s Fall Bundle, The War Z’s user agreement shenanigans, Steam Greenlight changes, Cyberpunk 2077, Mac gaming & more!
Bed music for this week’s show includes: Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, David Kate, & Jimmy Hinson – “New Worlds” (From Mass Efect 2); Tina Guo, Charissa Barger, Amy Tatum, Rodeny Wirtz, & Noah Gladstone – “Threshold – Soloists only” (From Journey); Jami Sieber – “Long Past Gone” (From Braid); Disasterpiece – “Nature” (From FEZ); C418 – “Sweden” (From Minecraft).

Tunes for the Week of 10/19/12

  • Namco Sounds – “Entrance” (From PAC-MAN: CE DX)

  • virt – “RCR Title Song” (From Retro City Rampage)

  • Norrin Radd – “Renegade” (From Retro City Rampage)


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