039: Accidentally The Apocalypse

Hey! Listen! 039:

Accidentally The Apocalypse

We’re back on KRUI’s The Lab! sans Nick & Ben. In this unprecedented episode of the show, Jayson & Brian discuss playing Darksiders & Dead Space 2 co-operatively. Talk turns to 10000000, late summer gaming, story endings, Spec-Ops: The Line, & Mass Effect 3’s Earth DLC before talk turns to controversy. Specifically, the Polygon documentary “Press Reset” & how the journalists/engineers/advertisers/etc. are building a new, better site. Does it belittle other sites? Are the Polygon crew being over-dramatic? Brian & Jayson try to get to the bottom of these questions & more. Finally, we say our peace about Nintendo Power & share a few memories, then Brian explains the new “games journalism” class he’s enrolled in at the University of Iowa.
In a bonus segment, Jayson gives another listen to some of the artists we’ve played over the last year including The National, Jose Gonzalez, Woodkid, Utada Hikaru, & Faunts. We hope you enjoy this look at some of our favorite artists both in & outside of games. Despite the show being predominately a talk show, we continue to play music to expose gamers & non-gamers alike to great artists & their music.
Thanks everyone!

Tunes for the Week of 8/24/12

  • Sam Hulick – “Wake Up” (From Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut)

  • Emicida – “9 Circulos” (From Max Payne 3)

  • Health – “Tears” (From Max Payne 3)


Bonus Segment Tunes!

  • The National – “Demon’s Souls” (From Portal 2)

  • The National – “Demon’s Souls” (From High Violet)

  • Woodkid – “Iron” (From Assassin’s Creed Revelations)

  • Woodkid – “Baltimore’s Fireflies” (From Iron – EP)

  • Jose Gonzalez – “So Far Away” (From Red Dead Redemption)

  • Jose Gonzalez – “Down The Line” (From Down The Line – Single)

  • Utada – “Sanctuary ~opening~” (From Kingdom Hearts II)

  • Utada – “Easy Breezy” (From Exodus)

  • Faunts – “Das Malefitz” (From Mass Effect 3)

  • Faunts – “Feel. Love. Thinking. Of.” (From Feel. Love. Thinking. Of.)


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