026: All The Nasty Things You Can Do When You Get Up On A Guy

Hey! Listen! 026:

(All The) Nasty Things You Could Do

When You Get Up On A Guy

All dem thangs. This week we talk ZiGGURAT strategy, EA’s failure to launch, SSX’s fiction, Rhythm game purity, 3D Zel-Dot autosave fails, Mass Effect/ME2 choices, ME2’s DLC exclusivity, EA Support’s ineptitude & the Assassin’s Creed III leak/speculation. We also cover news such as but not limited to: Dear Esther’s profitability, Boondock Saints & Pokemon shame, Hunger Games iOS, Mass Effect 3’s live action and launch trailers, Vita sales, Starbreeze’s humble approach to piracy, Binding of Isaac’s rejection from 3DS, Bioshock Infinite’s release date(!), Amazon.fr is at it again, & Sleeping Dogs’ niftiness.

Tunes for the Week of 3/2/12

  • Jack Wall & Sam Hulick – “New Worlds” (From Mass Effect 2)

  • Run-DMC – “It’s Tricky (SSX Pretty Lights Remix)” (From SSX)

  • Two Steps From Hell – “Protectors of the Earth” (From the ME3 launch trailer)

  • Flux Pavillion – “I Can’t Stop” (From SSX)

  • Orbital – “Never” (From Lumines: Electronic Symphony)


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