Games of the Year 2012 (10-6)

Nearly there.


GotY 2011(Miscellaneous)

Touch For Sunrise!

Readers Without Borders

I’ll miss Borders’ price stickers. Feels great peeling them off books.

I am become gamer, destroyer of nothing.

Consumer of everything.

faulknerian ketchup.

Substance > Silence.

[pause game] shaky vision.

One of the best, meets one of the… rest.

quest for ascension.



It seems to me that much of the gamer persona is tied to a few wildly popular games. Love them or hate them, World of Warcraft and Halo have propelled gaming’s most annoying colloquialisms into the mainstream in an irrevocable way. IM S000 1337, I PWN U EVRY TEIM! This is the nature of competitive … Continue reading

Welcome to Bangkok: the rules.

“thing a day + grinding = success…”