To Fire, Through Darkness

Endless disappointment.


Immigrant Tidings

Let it settle in the carpet…


PressXtoJAYSON would cease to exist in its current form if PIPA and SOPA pass, i.e., it would be soulless and pointless. In essence, none of the game, album, or book covers could grace the right of my site and my words about them could be considered illegal with the precedent these bills set. None of … Continue reading

GotY 2011(Miscellaneous)

Touch For Sunrise!

2011 Wrap-Up (Music)

What’s a ‘woodkid’? What’s a ‘holocene’?

2011 Wrap-Up (Film/Lit)

Hunka hunka burnin’ lists.


The Good, The Rad, & The Ugly.

Disarm or Die

“Emergence…” “…Runs…” “…To The End.”